The Credentialing Information System (CIS) is a database used by the state regulatory offices (NCOEMS, SCDHEC and WVOEMS) to monitor and provide credentials to EMS personnel, ambulances and EMS agencies. The CIS system is used to track and document EMS personnel education, credentials, disciplinary actions and contact information. It is through this system that EMS personnel register for continuing education and certification courses. Grades from completed courses are also posted within the system by the instructors to be referenced by the students, EMS agencies and the state regulatory offices. CIS also stores ambulance permits and inspections information as well as EMS agency permits. CIS is always expanding in its capabilities to allow for enhanced monitoring by the state regulatory offices. A data linkage has recently been established with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) so that background checks can be conducted daily within the CIS system to flag and address any criminal conduct of active EMS personnel. Within CIS, Hospital personnel are able to pull vital patient care information from EMS PreMIS reports and link it to critical data registries such as Trauma and Stroke to improve the delivery of system wide health care. Additionally, there is a public view of CIS, so that public information can be accessed and viewed by all.

CIS User Manual - Version 1

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