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ESO is dedicated to improving community health and safety through the power of data. Since its founding in 2004, the company continues to pioneer innovative, user-friendly software to meet the changing needs of today’s EMS agencies, fire departments, and hospitals. ESO currently serves more than 10,000 customers throughout North America with a broad software portfolio, including the industry-leading ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR), the next generation ePCR; ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE), the first-of-its-kind healthcare interoperability platform; ESO Fire and ESO FIREHOUSE Software for fire departments; and ambulance revenue recovery/billing software. ESO is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.eso.com.

The EMS Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC) is part of the Emergency Medicine Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The EMSPIC develops and maintains the EMS Data System for the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. The EMS Data System includes:

  • Prehospital Medical Information System (PreMIS)
  • Credentialing Information System (CIS)
  • State Medical Asset Resource Tracking Tool (SMARTT)
  • EMS Performance Improvement Toolkits

The complementary systems, CIS and PreMIS, are used to track EMS personnel education, credentials, disciplinary actions, and contact information as well as collect patient care reports from EMS providers through either the PreMIS web application or an XML import process. PreMIS collects over 3,000,000 EMS records annually through daily data submission by every EMS agency encompassing these three states. Those records are then used as the raw data for the EMS Performance Improvement Toolkits that EMS systems can use to monitor their care delivery/performance and anonymously compare themselves with similar systems based on established metrics. SMARTT is a web based tool capable of monitoring hospital, EMS system, long term care center, dialysis center, and health center resources in near real-time for use in disaster management. In addition to the three states listed above, the state of Mississippi also utilizes the SMARTT system. Support for the EMS Data System is provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The center is research oriented and funded through contracts, subcontracts, grants and agreements with the UNC Health Care System, and the lead facilities in multiple states including, the North Carolina Office of EMS, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the West Virginia Office of EMS, and the Mississippi State Department of Health.


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