State Medical Asset Resource Tracking Tool

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The State Medical Asset Resource Tracking Tool (SMARTT) is a web based system designed to provide daily information to hospitals, EMS Systems, and state disaster management personnel with the goal of improving the ability of EMS to respond in the event of a disaster or terrorist event. SMARTT is fully implemented in North Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia and South Carolina with all acute care hospitals providing data on a daily basis. Information that is collected within the SMARTT system daily include hospital bed availability, specialty care availability, and closed services with the expected time those services are anticipated to resume normal operations. SMARTT has been used in multiple disaster related events to date in order to triage patients. Some of these events include heavy storm damaged sustained from Hurricanes Francis, Ivan and Gustav, as well as the E Coli outbreak at a previous NC State Fair in which 50 cases were detected in children across the state.

SMARTT Frequently Asked Questions

I am having a problem logging in to SMARTT. Who can I contact about this?

Please call ESO at 866-766-9471 Extension 3.